Welcome to the city of Zadar, a city of exceptional 3000-year history and an extremely valuable cultural heritage, located in the very heart of the Adriatic.

If you are looking for an ideal accommodation, authentic gourmet delicacies, cultural sights, modern sports facilities and a varied excursion program, you have chosen the right destination for your holiday, sport and entertainment.

At the beginning of the 9th century, Zadar was mentioned as the seat of the Bishop of Donat and Byzantine leader Paulus. At that time, the Church of the Holy Trinity, today of St. Donatus, is being raised on the Roman Forum, the most famous church in Zadar.

The specialty of the city is irresistible to the lovers of historical monuments and cultural heritage, artists, tourists and its citizens. Zadar is also a city in which large space is left to pedestrians; Walking around the gently sloping streets of the city will be a walk through history, but also the experience of modern life. As a town monument surrounded by historic walls, Zadar is a true treasury of archaeological and monumental treasures of the ancient, medieval and Renaissance period as well as numerous contemporary architectural achievements such as the first Sea Organs in the world.