How we work

In planning and researching our clients’ stays in Croatia, we keep a couple of guiding principles in mind. The essence of the OASIS Travel club approach is “Informed Independent Travel.


First, we prepare you with the practical information you’ll need on your travels: tips on getting around, how the banks work and where to stop for a drink or a meal. We then provide you with the background knowledge and local details that will enable you - and your personal Experience Manager and Local Host - to create vacations that suit your own special interests. Sometimes you’ll explore on your own, sometimes you’ll want the support and guidance of your Local Host. That’s IIT - “Informed Independent Travel.”


What are you looking for on your next vacation? A week of tasting the culinary delights and fantastic wines of Croatia? A relaxing get-away from your hectic day-to-day life to restore and rebalance? A trip chock-full of activities for the kids to explore a new region? Whatever your desires may be, your Experience Manager will work with you to craft your perfect week of activities. When it comes to arranging those extra services (perhaps sourcing a great local chef, booking an opera singer for a private sunset performance on your hilltop terrace, or arranging a surprise romantic dinner in a vineyard) no detail is too small, no possibility too grand - we love a challenge!