Travelling overseas on your own can be tougher than you think! You can certainly travel on your own, but having the support and the local knowledge from experts will definitely make your journey a lot more hassle-free, safe, comfortable & enjoyable. OASIS will give you the support that you wouldn't get if you were to travel alone. We have a 24/7 emergency line dedicated to assist our clients in tricky situations. But we don’t just provide luxury accommodations, we create unique and memorable experiences. Our Experience Managers work with each guest to craft an itinerary and then our Local Hosts make everything come to life.

Our OASIS Travel Club local experts are available to speak to you about anything we do, so don't be shy, and let's talk about your travel plans and how we can help you to explore beauty of Croatia!

Once you have decided on the trip you want to do, you can get in touch with our phone/skype, on our website or send us a tweet, comment or message via our Social Media Team so we can get in touch. Even if you are undecided in regards to which trip would suit you the most, our awesome OASIS Travel Club local expert  are always ready to assist and guide you along the way to have unforgettable vacation.

OASIS Travel Club is headquartered in Split, but we cover all of Croatia with our vetted partners. Most of our clients have 2-3 destinations per trip, many of which are in second and third tier cities.

OASIS Travel CLUB works with clients in many different ways; however, our clients have found that OASIS Travel Cub  true value comes from our ability to think strategically about the overall schedule and taking care for every single dollar you pay. We can manage everything from beginning to end, and most importantly we can ensure that your time spent in Croatia is enjoyable and completely seamless. 

OASIS Travel Club  typically charges a service fee for the overall trip/event planning package.  We take into consideration the length of the trip, number of travelers, complexities of the schedule, number of meetings arranged, and scale and scope of the events and leisure activities.

We have clients that range from big companies, small companies beginning to explore the Croatian market, work-while-traveling programs, celebrities, groups, individuals, etc.

OASIS Travel Club has extremely high standards and an equally perfect reputation to maintain. We understand that corporate budgets can be tight and from time to time, things can change. Everything we do is 100% customized, so we are happy to help you look at finding an amazing experience that fits within your budget.